German Historic Motorsports Championship

Première: German Historic Motorsports Championship

For many years the “Dunlop Endurance Cup“ and the “FHR HTGT um die Dunlop Trophy“ have been two very successful series in historic racing: many participants and fantastic old cars! This kind of motorsport takes drivers and race fans back to the roots. The governing body for motorsports in Germany, the “Deutsche Motorsport Bund (DMSB)“, now honours these activities with the official title “Deutscher Historischer Automobil-Meister“. To become a German historic motorsports champion a driver/ pair of drivers has to collect points in one of the two series, each held with six races. The driver with the fastest race lap will gain additional 0.5 points. Motto: only one can be the champion! Competitors from foreign countries are welcome!

Both racing series (the one hour HTGT-sprint-races and the Dunlop-endurance-races with a minimum of two hours per race) are international events. Despite being a German title, achieving it does not depend on nationality. The new championship contains the “Preis der Stadt Stuttgart“ at  Hockenheimring, the “Nürburgring Classic“, the well-known “Spa Race Festival“, a race at Assen, Netherlands, the “ADAC/RGB-Saisonfinale“ and the “Westfalen-Trophy“, both held at the famous Nürburgring.

All drivers competing on the “Nordschleife“– the so called „green hell“– have to obtain a special permit. It proves their ability to compete on the most demanding race track in the world.

Punktetabelle Deutsche Historische Automobil Meisterschaft